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Open Data Round-Up: 25/07/13

Hello everyone!
For those of you who haven’t met me I’m Claire and I’m Horizon’s new Knowledge Exchange Officer for Open Data. My remit is to communicate Horizon’s activities in the fields of open data, personal data and so on to the outside world but I also want to keep you informed about what’s going on in the sector.

So without further ado, a round-up of some interesting happenings in the world of open data over the last week or so!

  • BIS have launched the midata Innovation Lab which will give businesses an opportunity to design new products and services using data collected from 1000 volunteers
  • Sir Nigel Shadbolt recently chaired a panel on Open Data at the Activate London 2013 Conference. Panelists included Paul Maltby, director of open data and government transparency at the Cabinet Office and Rufus Pollock, co-founder of the Open Knowledge Foundation

Are there any exciting stories which I’ve missed? Feel free to post other interesting snippets of news and share your thoughts on the above stories in the comments!