Open Ethics series S01E06

Open Ethics: Human in the loop AI – governance, agency and oversight.

Dr Ansgar Koene, Senior Research Fellow, Horizon Digital Economy Research will join this online event as a panel member to address and discuss:

  • Why human agency and oversight are key requirement of “Trustworthy AI”?
  • How AI systems make errors and which configurations of Human-in-the-loop could help?
  • Contexts, constraints, social bases. When AI can (or should) be a legal agent?
  • Dependence lock-in. How to reduce dependence on machine-driven networks which erode people’s abilities to think and act for themselves?
  • What is the future of humans in an age of accelerating technological change?

The event is open to CTOs and Product Owners who want to build trust between their products & end-users, we meet at the intersection of AI and Human Control.

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