Connected Kitchen

The way one uses a kitchen both shows and affect’s one’s health. When cooking for others, e.g. in a family or commercial kitchen, it also affects others’ health. This project explores multi-sensor systems that track and model the behaviour of one or more people in kitchen environments to identify behaviours linked to health and safety. It will also investigate how  the  sensing  environment  interacts  with different  commonly  used  products, develop  a prototype adaptive multi-sensor toolkit and perform user studies at the University before deployment in a domestic environment

Project Team: Nik Watson, Martin Flintham, Richard Hyde, Rebecca Ford, James Pinchin, Matthew Chalmers, Pepita Barnard, Tom Lodge

Partners: Food and Drink Forum, Kitchen Prep UK, I2CAT,

Introduction blog, mid blog, final blog

Start date: 1st April 2021 – 31 March 2022

This project sits within Horizon’s Agile programme