As the internet expands through paradigms like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Metaverse, autonomous systems (AS) are increasingly required to mediate society’s unfettered dataflows.  Consequently, the environmental impacts of hyperscale AS are intensifying and their sustainable trustworthiness frequently undermined.

This project will rethink current AS infrastructures and cement foundations for the acceptance and adoption of more resource responsible trustworthy autonomous systems through stakeholder engagement and cutting-edge interdisciplinary methods.

Focussing on disruptive decentralisation and potential benefits of hyperlocal AS solutions like community clouds, Edge Computing and micro-renewables, this research will align with key societal priorities to drive internet technology’s Net Zero transition.

This project will align with the work of the TAS Nodes, in particular Governance and Regulation.

Project team: Michael Stead, Neelima Sailaja, Ola Michalec, Franziska Pilling, Paul Coulton, Andy Crabtree, Derek McAuley

Start date 1st April – 30th June 2024