HoRRIzon 2.0

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) means that people doing research and creating new products consider the different ways that their work might affect other people and world, both for good and for bad. It also means talking to different kinds of people, so that – if possible – no-one’s perspective is missed. HoRRIzon 2.0 will develop resources and activities to support new projects and researchers in Horizon to do this.

The importance of RRI was highlighted in hoRRIzon 1.0 – voiced by researchers from all levels of experience in scoping interviews. HoRRIzon 1.0 focused on technology-related development, using the Moral-IT cards, with emphasis on trusted and socially desirable products. Through engagement with researchers from both the TAS Hub and Horizon, hoRRIzon 2.0 will support researchers to co-create the RRI approach that best suits the needs of their projects, in addition to contributing outputs in the areas of RRI and digital tools.

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Outputs: RI/RRI Prompts and Practice CardsSupporting responsible research and innovation within a university-based digital research programme: Reflections from the “hoRRIzon” project, Journal of Responsible Technology, Volume 12, December 2022

Start date 1 May 2022 – 30 April 2023

This project sits with Horizon’s Agile programme (Round 2)