WiseParks III

The original WiSeParks project was designed as an open source project with technology, code and reports on both method and results made publicly available.

Whilst initial uptake of WiSeParks technology was limited by park service staff technical capabilities, subsequent publication of reports and dissemination of the work resulted in many requests to the University research team for support to implement the technology.

EPSRC funding enabled the team to work on WiseParks II to redesign the technology and make it  straightforward to deploy and maintain.

In addition to providing informal support to multiple parks in Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol and Sheffield, the team has since also initiated SoDis, a project, which addresses the measurement of how and when people utilise public indoor spaces.

Following on the first phase of SoDis, IAA funding will support a series of structured workshops to maximise the value of input from project partners, collate options for operating models and curate sample datasets.

Outputs from workshops will support the creation of a future operating model proposal, further comments and recommendations from partners and create a future plan to deliver the chosen operating model.

Project dates: 1 July 2021 – 31 March 2022