Shaping the Museum: How can cultural heritage be reproduced digitally?

As part of the Shaping the Connected Museum II project, funded by the UKRI Arts and Humanities Research Council, researchers from the University of Nottingham have been working with colleagues at Ningbo campus to deliver a series of events to drive creative growth and innovation through international collaboration.

Researchers from the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality (China campus), Horizon Digital Economy Research and the Mixed Reality lab (Nottingham) contributed to a unique museum exhibition at the City Gallery in Ningbo. The event enabled audiences to enjoy and learn the cultural comparisons between the cities of Nottingham and Ningbo.

To continue to promote international partnership and bring together cross-cultural understanding, ‘Shaping the Connected Museum’ is planning events in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention (UNESCO). In collaboration with the Ningbo Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and the Ningbo Natural Resources & Planning Bureau, the NVIDIA Joint-Lab on Mixed Reality hosted a symposium on the 26th of October “The Digital Reproduction of Art and Culture Heritage”. Eight sister cities, including Mandela (South Africa), Vienna Neustadt (Austria) and Florence (Italy) participated in the event, which addressed the increasing challenges to art and cultural heritage conservation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Below are some photographs of the event, along with comments and feedback received. Find out more about the symposium in this Yongpai APP News service article.