SHARED sensE partage

SHARED sensE partage – Art, technology and Dance

We are our bodies, inhabiting overlapping spaces


Diane Wiltshire collaborates with choreographer Fabio Dolce, to produce SHARED sensE partage – a performance resulting from the Sound and Movement and Sentiment projects, which translates body data into multi-sensory experiences, through specially designed wearable devices and everyday technology.

SHARED creates an immerse interplay between the dancers and active audience, extending the body and blurring boundaries in an intimate, instinctive experience.

Shared sensE partage will be performed at Davenport Guildhall in Plymouth on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September at 7.00pm.  Tickets £5 can be purchased here.



Diane Wiltshire – Creative Director

Fabio Dolce – Choreography 

Paul Tennent – Mixed Reality Lab. Computer Science

Phanuel Erdmann – Music 

Fabio Dolce and Phanuel Erdmann – Dance