Songs of Ice, Chips and Brains – review


You may have heard of the trend of live scores to films. The screening of The Disadvantages of Time was slightly different in that not just the music was performed live but also the pictures themselves were created live. To top it all the film was controlled via a performers brainwaves.   Richard Ramchurn and Hallvardur Asgeirsson performed this unique live cinema show at the National Video Game Arcade on 21st July

Part of Ramchurn’s PhD research into Brain Controlled Cinema he is looking at how best to screen interactive brain controlled works of art. The audience was certainly intrigued as several members got to try out the brain interface for themselves. “Its defiantly a different experience when you are wearing the headset than watching it as an audience,” said one of the people that tried it for herself.

Ramchurn and Asgiersson are hoping to play some more venues with The Disadvantages of Time Travel (supported by the FAST project and the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham), their next date is the 28th September at Texture Bar in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter.