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Sound and Movement #SAM

Between the 20th and 31st of March we will be conducting our second experiment for SAM and asking participants to share their physiological data, while immersed in a changing environment.

Sound and Movement is a dynamic work in collaboration with Horizon, the Mixed Reality Lab and DeNada Dance Theatre.  Throughout 2017 we will be running a series of experiments with the general public to look at how physiological data is affected through environmental change and performance.

The first experiment in the UK will be held at Birmingham Open Media (BOM).  BOM is situated close to Grand Central Station on Dudley Street, Birmingham B5 4EG. The gallery is open to the public from Wednesday to Saturday, where you can visit the current exhibition as well as participate in SAM’s experiment. If you would like to visit on Monday or Tuesday, please email Diane Wiltshire to book your time.

The genesis of the work is translating intangible human interaction into form. Considering the language of interaction through physiological data of participants and performers in a reactive space. Dissolving boundaries and creating collective states to achieve a considered and sensitively produced space which is both beautiful and brutal.