TalentLab artists in residence at the Mixed Reality Lab 2016/17 update

 Photo Credit: B3 Media

My visit to MRL was inspiring! I had never considered having a 3D model created for the installation until I spoke to Holger Schnaedelbach. Having someone like Amy Dickens working with me on the logistics and being able to politic the technical issues together has been expanding my knowledge base around the tech I am using and others I might want to incorporate. “

– Lula Mehbratu

Along with Lula, artists Lwimbo Kunda and Nosa Eke  continue to hone their digital works in progress with help and advice from their mentors at our partners Nottingham University’s Mixed Reality Lab. Watch this space for further updates once we have news to share as we continue to support our Talentlab participants.

“The residency has been very helpful and informative in terms of using research to guide my prototype for a digital series. It’s also been great to collaborate with an awesome research fellow at MRL – Sarah Martindale – who has been up for getting deep into the tech and story side as well as the research side so we can just play and figure out how it will work. Currently we are aiming to do focus groups with influencers and YouTubers to inform the first part of the prototype”

– Nosa Eke

It’s amazing working with Nottingham University’s Mixed Reality Lab. It is really mind expanding and inspiring to work with people who are at the forefront of state of the art technology. I am able to expand my knowledge as well as develop my story making practice using new and innovative mediums. B3 Media has been a great support and I feel confident going forward in developing unusual and interesting artwork.”

– Lwimbo Kunda