Our relationship with B3 Media takes a particular form which is known as ‘TalentLab’.  This involves a structured training programme that B3 Media have run for a number of years with funding from Arts Council of England, Skillset and various other partners.

We’re now in our third cohort of TalentLab: to date, over 60 artists have been directly supported through the programme, and another 500 indirectly through ‘spin out’ projects, productions and showcasing activities. It’s definitely a learning process – how to involve us as researchers in the training programme, and how to follow on with the work.

“Partnership with the University of Nottingham Horizon/MRL has enabled us to establish B3 TalentLab into one of the UK’s leading creative arts development programmes. TalentLab supports emerging artists and creative leaders on the margins by inspiring their confidence and giving them access to the time and resources that enable them to develop their individual projects and artistry.

Black and minority ethnic workforce representation within the UK creative industries is only 11%  of the total workforce. We hope our partnership with Horizon/MRL will result in the continued success of innovative projects and opportunities for UK’s diverse creative talent.”