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The Future Machine – upcoming event

The Future Machine is a long term art/research project supported by Horizon Digital Economy Research, the Mixed Reality Lab, UoN Smart Products Beacon, Arts Council England and Furtherfield Gallery. The project involves combining digital systems, rituals and actions as part of a mysterious interactive device that responds to global and local environmental changes as the future unfolds.

 The Future Machine & When the Future Comes is going to be part of the University’s Wild Isles in Concert and Sustainability Showcase at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham next week.  The link to the event is here: https://exchange.nottingham.ac.uk/events/wild-ilses-in-concert-and-sustainability-showcase/

We will be showing a handsewn banner that represents the annual journeys of the Future Machine, a hand carved and painted clay QR code that takes you to our latest archiving element of the project – The Cabinet Of Curious Places – and 5 postcards telling the story of the different places that Future Machine travels to throughout the year.

In the meantime Future Machine is beginning it’s annual journey for 2024 in Peppard, Oxfordshire for the Spring Equinox, also happening next week:https://www.whenthefuturecomes.net/oxfordshire/


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