UKRI ESPRC Pro2 Network+

The UKRI EPSRC Pro2  Network+ is a new initiative set up to fund projects and collaborations between universities and industry, to form a community of people who share the common goal of accelerating  exploration and use of digital devices that can improve our everyday lives.  Professor Mike Fraser, University of Bristol leads the Network and is joined by Boriana Koleva, Director of Horizon Digital Economy Research, University of Nottingham as Co-Investigator, along with Anne Roudaut (university of Bristol), Jason Alexander (University of Bath) and Nicolai Marquardt (University College, London). The Network commences with a launch event on the 27th March , to provide an opportunity for experts from Computer Science, engineering and manufacturing to showcase prototypes or products and shape activity going forward.

 Professor Koleva explained “I’m delighted to join this network as democratising access to device production is the key next step in underpinning scalability and entrepreneurship in digital systems. Pro2 will grow a community that can support innovation in the prototyping and production of digital devices, which will accelerate the adoption of IoT, the growth of new consumer electronics markets, and more generally underpin the data-driven digital transformation of many industries.”