UnBias – Showcase Event ‘Our Future Internet: From Bias to Trust’

Showcase Event: October 1st 2018
Digital Catapult, London

Members of the research, education and policy communities are invited to attend a one-day workshop on October 1st where we will be showcasing the outcomes of the UnBias (Emancipating Users Against Algorithmic Biases for a Trusted Digital Economy) project.

In addition to reporting on our major findings we will also highlight key outputs such as policy guidelines and demonstrate our exciting fairness toolkit. This engaging and interactive event will also include presentations from other researchers working on the social consequences of algorithmic biases as well as opportunities for networking. Furthermore, we will announce plans for our follow-on project, ReEnTrust, which will identify mechanisms to rebuild and enhance trust in algorithmic systems.

Background to UnBias

Over the past 2 years the UnBias research project has been investigating the user-experience of algorithm-driven internet services. We have identified genuine concerns that the personalisation and filtering processes underpinning news feeds, search engine results and recommendation systems etc. can lead to unfavourable, unfair or even discriminatory outcomes. We have also engaged with a wide range of stakeholders in order to conduct work that supports user understanding about online environments, raises awareness among online providers about the concerns and rights of users, and generates debate about the ‘fair’ operation of algorithms in modern life.

Find out more about UnBias

The workshop is free to attend, however registration is necessary.
If you would like to attend, please contact Helena Webb