Welcome Teresa

We are delighted to welcome Teresa Castle-Green, an interdisciplinary Research Fellow to Horizon.  Teresa’s research is focused on unpacking the socio-technical complexities of the design and repair of Internet of Things (IoT) products, services and infrastructures. Her academic background spans Psychology, Sociology, Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Data Interaction, and Technology Design. Teresa’s previous research has involved engaging with practice-based communities to gain insights into their social organisation and challenges, particularly in relation to technology design, development and maintenance. She has peer reviewed outputs at conferences in Conversational Design, Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Supported Cooperative Work. In addition  she has extensive industry experience working in User Experience Design, Architecture and Research, including consultancy with a range of international clients including large multinational corporations. Teresa is currently working on the EPSRC funded Fixing the Future: Right to Repair and Equal IoT project, looking at ways in which HCI and HDI approaches can support the growing culture of community-based repair work. This involves engaging directly with the UK repair community to gain insights into the organisation of and challenges faced by community repair groups.  More details about the Fixing the Future: Right to Repair and Equal IoT project can be found on page 11 of Horizon’s 2023 Impact Brochure.