Welcome Tom

We are delighted to welcome Tom Lodge to Horizon.  Tom has expertise in networking technologies, interaction design and data visualisation.

Having spent several years working as a research assistant at Queen Mary and UCL, he undertook his PhD on ‘Opportunistic Data Collection in People-Centric Senor Networks at Nottingham.  Tom has since led technical development on a number of EPSRC and EU-funded projects, including the user centred networking projects and UCN. He was Principal Investigator on ‘Communities in the Clouds’ – an IT as a Utility Network+ project in collaboration with Microsoft Research Cambridge and has co-authored papers published in leading network (COMSNETS & SIGCOMM) and user interface design conferences (ACM & UIST). More recently Tom developed a visual application development environment enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) to be integrated with the privacy-preserving Databox platform, and is currently investigating novel interaction methods for key exchange in the TanSec project. In addition, Tom is working on the Defence Against Dark Artefacts project to develop user interaction mechanisms, along with writing software to drive the design functions being explored in the Experiencing the Future Mundane project.