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“Growing up Digital” UnBias team members contribute to House of Lords report

On 21st March the House of Select Committee on Communications published a report called ‘Growing up with the internet’. The report is based on an enquiry conducted by the House […]

In the Conversation: “We asked young people what they want from the internet of the future – here’s what they said”

On March 21st the House of Lords Communications Committee inquiry on Children and the Internet published its report, which incorporated a number of findings that came out or our Youth […]

Funding award establishes collaboration between Invisible and Flor de Pequi

Funding received from the Brazilian Fundo de Arte e Cultura do Estado de Goiás for a new collaboration between Flor de Pequi (Brazil) and the Invisible Project, funded through Horizon’s […]

What is IoT? That is not the question

Copy of an article first appearing on the IoTUK blog.I have many conversations with colleagues about what is and what is not ‘The Internet of Things’. These discussions along with many of the definitions […]

Search engines have no sense of humour

Search engines have no sense of humour A colleague drew to my attention some recent plans to try and take on offensive and “fake” content… from the Search Engine Land article: […]

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