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Dr Edina Harbinja, University of Hertfordshire – Death and GDPR – are our data and identities protected after death?

What’s all the fuss about? The grieving parents of a dead 15-year-old in Germany were denied access to their daughter’s Facebook account last year. They wanted to read her personal […]

Mercedes Torres Torres – Unobtrusive Behaviour Monitoring via Interactions of Daily Living

Nowadays, most of our daily living entails constant interactions with different utilities and devices. Every time you turn on your kettle, take a shower, send a text or buy something […]

Active Lifestyle for Everyone (ALFE)

We are pleased to announce the  adoption of ALFE (Active Lifestyle for Everyone) into the Horizon services campaign. Sedentary behaviour in the population is an increasing problem that urgently requires […]

Responsible Data Science at Royal Society Bilateral UK-NL workshop

From 21st to 22nd February the Royal Society and the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) held a UK – Netherlands bilateral international meeting to explore common research […]

How the Horizon Services Campaign took shape

The increasingly popularity of ‘as a service’ is the driving force behind our Services Campaign. The ‘as a service’ notion applies within many contexts of our everyday lives – mobility, […]

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