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Jiahong Chen – Research Update

DADA – smart home IoT cybersecurity from a socio-legal perspective Since joining Horizon in December 2018, the main part of my research has largely been developed around DADA, working closely […]

Jiahong Chen – Putting ‘Good Citizens’ in ‘The Good Place’?

Read Horizon Research Fellow Jiahong Chen’s blog about China’s Social Credit System

It’s blossom time again in Nottingham!

When This Tree Blossoms… we will meet to talk about the future Watch the cherry tree as it comes into full bloom in Nottingham here: https://www.whenthefuturecomes.net/when-this-tree-blossoms/ Join the conversation on the […]

Industrial Co-bots Understanding Behaviour (iCUBE)

Collaborative robots, or co-bots, are robots that work collaboratively with humans in a productivity – enhancing process, most often associated with manufacturing and/or healthcare domains. Despite the aim to collaborate, […]

RoboClean: Human Robot Collaboration for Allergen-Aware Factory Cleaning

Human-Robot collaboration is expected to increase in the following years [Elprama, 2017]. The RoboClean project will investigate the potential of human-robot collaboration, integrated with IoT sensors for cleaning and allergen […]