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It’s blossom time again in Nottingham!

When This Tree Blossoms… we will meet to talk about the future Watch the cherry tree as it comes into full bloom in Nottingham here: https://www.whenthefuturecomes.net/when-this-tree-blossoms/ Join the conversation on the […]

Industrial Co-bots Understanding Behaviour (iCUBE)

Collaborative robots, or co-bots, are robots that work collaboratively with humans in a productivity – enhancing process, most often associated with manufacturing and/or healthcare domains. Despite the aim to collaborate, […]

RoboClean: Human Robot Collaboration for Allergen-Aware Factory Cleaning

Human-Robot collaboration is expected to increase in the following years [Elprama, 2017]. The RoboClean project will investigate the potential of human-robot collaboration, integrated with IoT sensors for cleaning and allergen […]

Dr Edina Harbinja, University of Hertfordshire – Death and GDPR – are our data and identities protected after death?

What’s all the fuss about? The grieving parents of a dead 15-year-old in Germany were denied access to their daughter’s Facebook account last year. They wanted to read her personal […]

Sound and Movement – update on experiments, May 2017

Last week saw DeNada dance join me at Birmingham Open Media (BOM), for the start of the Sound and Movement experiments. Participants have commented on how beautiful it is to […]