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Trustscape uts001

Originally posted at http://unbias.wp.horizon.ac.uk/2018/08/28/trustscape-uts001/

Why personalization systems discriminate

Over the last two years UnBias has engaged with a wide range of stake holder to explore the issue of bias in algorithmic decision making systems. In this post I […]

Unbias Hackathon

On the week-end of June 30th and July 1st, the UnBias team hosted a two-day hackathon at Codebase in Edinburgh, with support from local outfit Product Forge, whose experience organizing […]

New Job

New views… This is just a quick post to say after a fantastic six years at Horizon (4 years in the CDT & Mixed Reality Lab; 2 years as a […]

Panopticon captures and examines video data

What did the team learn from recently capturing and examining video data of people in the lab playing Hotline Miami and Tekken 2? We noted that Players exhibited a number […]

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