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The importance of motivation in user testing

  Stuart Reeves “testing is a totemic feature of the technological era. Digital things in particular, with their ever increasing complexity, have exacerbated and accelerated the need to test…….”  Stuart […]

Research Highlights from late 2018.

Happy New Year to any readers of this blog, hope you had an enjoyable festive break to recharge your batteries and relax. As 2019 starts to gather pace, I thought […]

61 Muzicodes

The idea of using a phone or tablet to scan Carolan’s decoration to read its history has always felt somewhat incomplete. While this kind of visual interaction makes sense in […]

Hybrid Gifting

Two workshops have been held by the Hybrid Gifting Project. The first – a card making workshop, took place at Debbie Bryan – an independent creative retailer based in Nottingham […]

Our Key Findings!

For the past two years our UnBias project has been exploring issues around ‘unfairness’ in algorithmic systems. Our research work has identified the existence of concerns across different societal and […]

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