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MeMa 3.0 – Prototype reveal

Over the course of the last 10 weeks Toby Clark has been working with our MeMa 3.0 project as an intern and has been supporting development of a prototypte Memory […]

MeMa 3.0 paper: It’s not just for the Past but it’s for the Here and Now

In this paper “It’s not just for the Past but it’s for the Here and Now”: Gift-Giver Perspectives on the Memory Machine to Gift Digital Memories, we present the design […]

A final blog from Open All Senses

Step into the world of “Open all Senses – Accessible Multimodal Telepresence Robots in Social Spaces”. Our year long research project investigated the responsible design and purposeful use of telepresence […]

A final word from hoRRIzon 2.0

A key area of hoRRIzon 1.0 and this second iteration of work has been to introduce a cross cutting theme, offering researchers support to embed a responsible research approach into […]

Adaptive Podcasts – Wrapping up

It has proved a busy time for Adaptive Podcasts as it nears completion. Following work to explore consumer appetite towards adopting this new kind of podcast, came a period of […]