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It’s blossom time again in Nottingham!

When This Tree Blossoms… we will meet to talk about the future Watch the cherry tree as it comes into full bloom in Nottingham here: https://www.whenthefuturecomes.net/when-this-tree-blossoms/ Join the conversation on the […]

63. Abbey Road

Carolan has visited the legendary Abbey Road studios. We took part in the ‘FAST’ project industry day, promoting the research results of the Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies (or FAST) […]

2 New Journal Papers: Performing the Future & Regulating Human Building Interaction

I’m excited to announce 2 new journal papers that are now fully published and available online. One is based on the fantastic Performing the Future project led by Nottingham based […]

Ethics and the Internet of Things in Research and Universities

This reblog of a post that originally appeared on the University of Nottingham Digital Research website documents a research project they funded where Martin Flintham and I explored the ethical […]

62. Climb!

Sacrilege possibly, but in this post we’re going to write about pianos rather than guitars. Last time, in Post 61 we introduced Muzicodes, an approach to embedding musical triggers within musical […]