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Domesticating Electric Vehicle Charging (DEVeC)

Our work follows on from underpinning research investigating the introduction artificial intelligence and  smart technologies into domestic life.  As we take on board and become more reliant on smart, connected […]

Storytelling: Grow Your Own Adventure – halfway point

Storytelling within a family setting is fundamental for the development of children’s communication, language and literacy skills, which in turn has a profound impact on their social, emotional and educational […]

hoRRIzon 2.0 – an introduction

April 2022 saw the start of a new phase of the hoRRIzon Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) project – hoRRIzon 2.0. We were delighted to receive support from Horizon to […]

Connected Kitchen closing blog

The aim of our project was to develop a greater understanding of commercial kitchen behaviours linked to hygiene and health & safety through the development and testing an adaptive and […]

MIDAS – final blog

MIDAS – final blog Most technology platforms are made on the assumption that one account is used by one person, however in reality this is not the case. Online accounts, […]