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MeMa 3.0 paper: It’s not just for the Past but it’s for the Here and Now

In this paper “It’s not just for the Past but it’s for the Here and Now”: Gift-Giver Perspectives on the Memory Machine to Gift Digital Memories, we present the design of the Memory Machine (MeMa), a technology probe that can store, contextualise and document media to represent memories. We accumulate vast physical and digital possessions throughout our lives, making it difficult to distinguish value in amassed images, albums, videos and music. One option we wanted to explore – via MeMa – was to frame personal memories as a gift, in turn providing a way to revisit, share and collate personal archives.


A big thank you to all of the participants who took part in this study. We would also like to thank the many anonymous reviewers who took time in reviewing and improving this work which was sponsored by UKRI EPSRC ‘Horizon Trusted Data Driven Products (EP/T022493/1).

The Memory Machine (MeMa)

MeMa 2.0

MeMa 3.0


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