Minimal Intervention Distributed Account System (MIDAS)

The social ‘messiness’ of the real-world means that digital identities are not often neatly siloed and disparate, but that they mirror offline social connections, which intersect and entwine with each other.

Existing systems for managing user identities are very much service oriented. Identities are siloed within a single service and assumed they refer uniquely to a single individual, where relationships are tied to one identity. People must manipulate services to manage multiple identities for a single person between and within different services, select which identities should be used to publish information and collaboratively manage identities on behalf of others within a group.

This project aims to understand the socio-technical complexities here from the perspectives of different stakeholders and to translate findings into recommendations and design patterns that contribute to easing concerns within this area.

Project team: Giannis Haralabopoulos, Neelima Sailaja, Pepita Barnard & Richard Mortier

Introduction blog, mid blog, final blog.

Start date: 1st April 2021 – 31 March 2022

This project sits within Horizon’s Agile programme