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Welcome to Sameh Zakhary

This blog post is about the launch of Horizon Tangible Security project (TanSec) as part of the PETRAS 2 IoT Centre of National Excellence and in partnership with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

A new member has joined us at Horizon.

Dr Sameh Zakhary’s PhD thesis has looked at the design and evaluation of protocol for preserving users’ location privacy when using mobile devices for communication. His research interest is in the areas of networking, privacy, security and more broadly in enabling ubiquitous computing. Prior to joining Horizon, Sameh held a Leverhulme Research Fellowship looking at computing challenges towards sustainable built environment. TanSec will develop, test and evaluate a set of physical interactions for seamless key exchange and security configuration that enable useable, decentralised security. By using tangible interactions within the context of novel home/SME routers, the aim is to avoid a common class of attack on the internet’s end-to-end architecture which relies on varied ‘middle boxes’, without relying on networking experience in development or use that have hindered existing approaches. Methods will use and build on existing protocols, and be augmented through user location data and temporal modelling. TanSec will be complemented by other PETRAS 2 work to test approaches such as tangible key exchange in home/SME contexts, and evaluating techniques for key management in practical contexts.

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