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Carolan Guitar

Every guitar tells a story, from the tonewoods that form it, to the craft of its making, to the players that own it, to the places it visits, and to […]

Artcode Basics

Artcodes are made up of a boundary, regions and blobs. They have a simple hierarchical structure: blobs are inside the regions, regions are inside the boundary. You can draw as […]

Focus on Research – Dr Laura Carletti

Museums are increasingly investing into providing online access to their collections. Particularly, new media and technologies are reshaping cultural institutions’ relationship with the public by providing alternative forms of participation. […]

Focus on Research – Dr Ben Bedwell

Research Fellow Dr Ben Bedwell’s work focuses on helping cultural and heritage organisations present the collections and properties they hold. Often, his work involves using new technology to improve visitors’ […]

Sharenting – Raising a footprint: our social media compulsions as parents

Blog post by Jessica Maliphant, Child Emotional Well-Being Consultant and Sarah Martindale, Horizon Research Fellow © J. Maliphant, 2014 It’s summer and Facebook news feeds are awash with idyllic, sun-drenched […]