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Who am I?

Who am I? is a series of wall illustrations which collectively make up an interactive narrative that can be accessed by Artcodes.

A princess honeymoons in our town

“A princess honeymoons in our town” is an interactive wall illustration created in collaboration with Nottingham Writer’s Studio.

An interactive tile panel

Artcodes have been working with Johnson’s Tiles design team to design an interactive tile panel that explores the domestic implementation of the Artcode technology. A series of design iterations explore the repetition of […]

An interactive coaster for Busaba Eathai

The Artcodes project has been working with the Busaba Eathai chain of restaurants to explore the implementation of Artcodes as a service level interactive device in the dining context. The challenge was to develop […]

Data Journeys Archway at Light Night in Nottingham

The Data Journeys Archway prototype was a temporary public art intervention at Nottingham’s Light Night, Friday 5th February 2016. The Light Night archway was a first experiment as part of […]