‘Planet Four: Craters’ recruits citizen scientists to help age the surface of Mars, and experiment with interface design

Adler Planetarium and the University of Nottingham collaborate on a new web-based platform that engages the public in scientific research through image analysis On March 26th 2015 the Adler Planetarium and the […]

First Grant Success – monitoring animal faces

Yorgos Tzimiropoulos, Assistant Professor in Computer Science, has been awarded an EPSRC First Grant. This scheme is for new academics at the start of their career and is highly competitive, with […]

Winning Photo of a Brain in a Jar

Dr Patrick Brundell, Research Fellow in the School of Computer Science, has won the Innovation category of the National Science Photography Competition organised by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research […]

VISUAL: Interdisciplinary visualisation tools for the analysis and communication of big data

Big data visualisation typically happens in discipline silos with tools rarely crossing the boundaries between then. Cross-fertilisation between disciplines has significant potential to improve both the extraction of scientific understanding […]

Out of their minds: Nottingham research used in thrilling ride that adapts to riders’ brain activity

Thrill seekers brave enough to test drive a new mixed-reality ride will only have themselves to blame if they find it a little too wild for their taste. For the […]