A brief history of Digital Health – Part 1

As part of the Digital Catapult’s Digital Health Festival, Lorena Macnaughtan, a PhD student at the Horizon Centre for Doctoral Tra ining, has provided the Digital Catapult with a brief history […]

Horizon academic publishes in Nature Climate Change

Dr Alexa Spence and colleagues have successfully published in the prestigious journal Nature Climate Change on Public Perceptions of demand-side management and a smarter energy future. Reluctance to share data about personal energy […]

Horizon CDT Research Highlights 2015

Find out about the latest research from the Horizon CDT showcasing the work from the My Life in Data cohort 2014 and the Ubiquitous Computing for a Digital Society cohorts 2011-2013 […]

The Prediction Machine is showing at May Fest

The Prediction Machine is a new interactive artwork that marks ‘moments of climate change’ in our everyday lives, tracked and recorded by a machine that prints out predictions based on end of the pier […]

Yes, the government has the ability to restrict our ability to see porn online. But would it ever dare to?

The Conservative party in the UK promised, if elected, to force age verification on porn sites. Dr Gilad Rosner, visiting researcher at Horizon, has written a piece for the New Statesman discussing if they […]