Infrastructure for the Masses

“Infrastructure for the masses,” says Richard Mortier, by way of explaining what it is he’s trying to create. Mortier, a Horizon Transitional Fellow in Computer Science, is a member of […]

DE 2014 The Application of Digital Innovation

The Fifth Annual Digital Economy All Hands Meeting will be held this year in London.  3 – 5th December 2014. The RCUK Digital Economy Theme seeks to transform the lives of […]

Getting connected in the digital world

Whether it be checking bank balances, catching up on world news, chatting with friends via social media or ordering the weekly shop, for most people logging on to the internet […]

Privacy by Design

“The core of Horizon,” says Derek McAuley, “is trying to understand how to bring the principles of privacy-by-design into play to get value out of a lot more personal data […]

How WWI codebreakers taught your gas meter to snitch on you

In the depths of night on August 5th 1914 the British Cable Ship Alert took the first significant action of World War I, severing the five German submarine cables that […]