Digital Identities

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Our Future Internet: Free and Fair for all

A short video about the UnBias project and how we want to make our future Internet free and fair for all!

iRights Youth Juries

The iRights Youth Juries are an engagement activity to allow children and young people to have a say about their rights on the Internet. At the Youth Juries participants are asked to consider, debate, and share ideas about the future of the Internet while providing useful facts and a safe space to discuss, reflect and deliberate about online data management, online trust, the right to be forgotten, and other Internet-related concerns.

Mondegreen - Episode 1 - Expectant Parents

Mondegreen is a fictitious organisation that features in three short films. The films draw on the findings of a two-year research project called Charting the Digital Lifespan. The project brings together academics and researchers from different universities and disciplines to investigate how people’s digital identities are experienced across key life transitions – leaving school, becoming a parent, retiring from work – now and in future. More information about the research and the people involved is available on the Mondegreen website.

Mondegreen - Episode 2 - Emerging Adults

Mondegreen - Episode 3 - Retirees