Energy Projects

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An introduction to CharIoT

An introduction to the EPSRC CharIoT project which developed an ‘Internet of Things’ energy kit.

Understanding Energy Use

This Horizon energy video looks at understanding energy use. Horizon has approximately 15 people in our energy team, working on multiple projects. The projects explore energy displays, future energy technologies and devices that inform people about energy use in some way and consider how to engage people to save energy.

Interacting Around Energy

This Horizon energy video looks at how we interact around energy and how people use energy within everyday life and in the workplace. Our research focuses on anything from the technical aspects of energy and the data that we get from energy monitoring devices, through to experimental studies on influencing the way that people might engage with an energy device, right through to focus groups with people discussing energy use throughout their everyday lives.

A look at some of the current research being undertaken by Horizon.

Dr Ben Bedwell & Dr Alexa Spence feature on France 24

A Tale of Three Flatmates - Dark Scenario

Videos which explore public perceptions and potential impacts of future energy technologies

A Tale of Three Flatmates - Light Scenario

Set in fictional homes, these tell ‘light’ and ‘dark’ versions of events set around these technologies, illustrating the potential consequences of their use

Jane's Story - Dark Scenario

Jane's Story - Light Scenario

Meet the Electrons - Dark Scenario

Meet the Electrons - Light Scenario