Computerphile videos

Computerphile is a highly active YouTube channel all about computers and compute-based stuff, which currently has almost 780,000 subscribers.

This channel provides an excellent public engagement vehicle for our Academics, Researchers and Horizon CDT Students to make short films to talk about their work to a relevant wider audience.

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The Anonymisation Problem

Keeping data anonymous seems easy, but keeping identities separate is a big problem. Professor Derek McAuley explains

Net Neutrality

The current debate about Net Neutrality may not be as clear cut as you’d imagine. Professor Derek McAuley lays out the details.

3D Scanning

Turning exquisitely painted minatures into high definition 3d models using a camera and a turntable Dimitri Darzentas is a Horizon CDT PhD student and member of the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham

Digital Theatre Props

Bringing digital into interactive theatre. Roma Patel is a designer, member of the Mixed Reality Lab and a Horizon CDT PhD Student looking to computing to provide extra engagement with young theatre-goers.

Just How do Macs and PCs Differ?

Featuring Professor Tom Rodden describing what is the actual difference between Mac and PC (by PC we are referring to machines running Windows or a variant of Linux)

Privacy in Social Media

Who cares about privacy? Professor Derek McAuley chats about the various problems with privacy online.

Geometric Face Recognition

How faces are turned into points & shapes and recognised as features. Dr. Michel Valstar explains how pixels ‘vote’ for features.

Should Everybody Learn to Code?

With in the US and the Next Gen report in the UK, there’s currently a real push to include Computer Science in schools, but should everybody learn to code? Professor Tom Rodden talks to Brady