Personal Data

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‘New Forms of Public Value at the Edge’ - designing a Personal Data Store (PDS)

This video describes our work with the BBC R&D to investigate the infrastructure of the internet from a public service point of view and the implications for audiences, as their personal data is collected, stored and analysed to create personalised recommendations and support targeted advertising.

Connected Kitchen - visualisation interface

This short video provides an overview of the visualisation interface developed in the Connected Kitchen project, to support feedback to study participants post cleaning task.

An explanation of Databox

The project investigates a privacy-aware personal data platform in a digital world, highlighting that almost everything we do now leaves digital footprints – data about us and what we have done

Databox or big data?

A quick comparison of the Databox and big data.

A short introduction to the databox concept

A short explanation of the overall concept of Databox